Builder’s Reports

Building a new home requires a substantial investment, and if done without a reliable builder’s report, it can put your now-biggest asset at serious risk. The best way to ensure your home meets all relevant legal and personal requirements is during its construction, not after. If you’re after a reliable building report in Christchurch, Auckland, Hamilton, or Wellington, Realsure always delivers. We provide highly experienced arbiters during key construction phases to keep their eagle eyes out for potential faults and defects in the build.

What you can expect from our Building Reports:

  • Highly optimised QualityTracker® process.
  • Monitoring nine key phases of construction that all include a Realsure sign-off.
  • Assistance with protecting your home construction investment.

The Process of Our Building Inspections

To provide some clarity on our nine key phases during building inspections in Hamilton, Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch and what they include, we put together a brief list:

  • Plan scope. An introduction to the QualityTracker® process, then after a review of your plans, we will give you a detailed quote.
  • Specification review. A review of your plans and consent, specifically checking details such as weather tightness and insulation.
  • Foundation review. A review of the foundations with all plumbing and electrical services in place.
  • Framing review. A review of the wall and roof framing, building wrap, and connections.
  • Lining preview. An inspection of wall and ceiling insulation, plumbing, and electrical installations, as well as timber moisture readings.
  • Painting preview. A review of the interior and exterior finishing on walls, trim, and fit-outs BEFORE painting occurs.
  • The Champagne inspection. The final part of the building inspections to NZ Standard 4306:2005 before signing off with the builder and handing you the keys and your maintenance manual.
  • Trimester inspection. Your first warrant of a fitness test is to make sure all is as it should be with your new home and that no warranty work is required.
  • Three-year inspection. Full building inspections ensure your home is still in solid shape, no warranty claims are necessary, and your maintenance work is up to date.

Build Your New Home With QualityTracker

Professional Support 

By the time we’ve finished our building report, your home should already be top-quality. Our trimester and three-year inspections are after-the-fact ways for us to provide future-proofing assistance and extend the value of our reports.

The next time you want builders’ reports, consider getting them from our qualified professionals at Realsure.

Make an informed choice with your next property decision. Get a Realsure building report to determine the overall condition and wellbeing of a house or light commercial property.

Be sure your new home is built correctly. Prove you’ve done a good building job. Use Realsure Quality Tracker for qualified and independent monitoring of building work and quality.

A nail in time could save thousands! A Realsure HouseProud Maintenance Inspection will help you create a prioritised maintenance program and budget, and spend your money wisely.

If you are dealing with a problem with a property, a leaky building, building work, or maybe a building report, talk to us to find out what specialist expert work we can assist you with.

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