A personal journey from icebox to warmth.

Back   Realsure director, Sarah Symon shares her very own journey transforming her house from a drafty icebox to a warm and comfortable home. Sarah moved into her new place back in 2003 and while she loved the home, going to bed wearing a beanie wasn’t a...

Reflecting on 2015 – A Real-Achievement

Back   From Co-founder and Director Sarah Symon How often do you hear – where has the year gone, and here we are again rounding off another year.  WHAT A YEAR. As a nation, we aren’t great at celebrating achievements or acknowledging success, yet who we are as an...

Invasive Building Report – Not as we know it.

Back There’s a new trend in pre-purchase or pre-sale reports called an Invasive Building Report. These “invasive” reports put a camera scope into the wall cavity to obtain a limited view of the cavity between wall studs, dwangs, and the bottom plate. The scope is...

Major stress release for Christchurch home buyers

Back   Feeling confused and stressed trying to buy a home in Christchurch, well you’re not alone – anymore. We really know how stressful it can be buying a home because we’re property owners too. First, you must figure out where to live, then what you want...



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